Midterm Agency Analysis Paper

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According to Alice Watson (1984), who wrote about the history of Jamaica Service Program for Older Adults (JSPOA), states that the agency came together from an earlier community effort in the 1970 by agencies, churches and local organizations that observe the needs for more sufficient, low-cost housing for the elderly. The agency formed a partnership that sponsored the construction of Conlon-Lihfe Towers, a 216-unit facility built under private auspices as a complete operation and now supervised by the New York City Housing Authority. Once it became evident that the housing would come into being, there were problems that remained a central concern, such as changing a variety of services to allow seniors to stay in the community. For a while, the community had done well in developing housing that would enable older persons to remain in their community. However, other crucial services were unavailable. “At that time, only two senior centers served the area. There were no elderly health clinics, few recreational programs, no educational or transportation services for older people, few in home services (other than for Medicaid eligibilities), and no programs to promote safety, a primary concern of the elderly “The lack of these services brought about changes that were implemented. In the year of 1972, the efforts of this creation lead to the founding of the non–profit unit, Jamaica Service Program for Older Adults (JSPOA). Facilities wanted to have a program that would help the senior citizens in the community of Southeast Queens, NY, which consists of mainly African Americans, Indians, Hispanic and whites. The founders grew up in this neighborhood and were inspired to give back to where they came from. One of the ways they did this ... ... middle of paper ... ...gency is a busy environment, clean, and the staff is organized and friendly. The senior citizens are well engaged in their activities and are very active. The JSPOA Friendship center has several engaging activities for their members such as arts and crafts, exercise class, dance class, computer class, dominoes, and even outside trips. Doing field placement gave me an insight on what the center is about and what it has to offer. For example, I saw that the senior citizens at the center were very enthusiastic about their work and were so engaged in their activities. They were so thrilled to share their accomplishment such as their beautiful arts and craft. Overall, the senior citizens at the center looked very pleased with the services and programs that were available to them as well as the relationships they created with one another by being a member of this center.

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