Midnight Shelter Care Case Study

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What are the political, economic, social, and technological factors that would be most likely to affect the clients you will serve? (Make a brief list of these factors.) The homeless clients that Midnight Shelter Care will serve will be affected by all of the preceding factors. Homeless is usually not an acute state of being. Preferably homelessness outcome of compounded context and situations. According to (Lewis, Packard, Lewis, p.26, 2012) “Political trend at national and even international levels have major effects on human service programs”. The homeless clients of Midnights Shelter Care may have experienced financial hardships because no jobs, loss of job, no unemployed payment, insufficient social security payments and deficiency…show more content…
There are compelling stigmas and stereotypes link with homelessness. There are stigmas link with human service utilization, as well as service provider. (i.e. people live off the system, and human service professionals are bleeding heart liberals. Homelessness is also facing stereotypes and stigmas link with their physical and mental capacity, their health, and even their life. These social factors encounter the way in which clients interact with their environment and will definitely influence service provision through Midnight Shelter Care. Technological factors will also impact Midnight Care, and the clients it serves. The connection and diffusion of information are driven by technology. Administering services to a homeless population who may not have access to technology or understand the technology being used will create a confrontation in service provision at Midnight Shelter Care. The use of technology will be imperative for clients for inter-agency communication and referrals, but to best serve Midnight Shelter Care, my program will need to construct some creative, non-technology based means to provide assistance to the homeless…show more content…
The organizations must consider the current trend of the larger population and address the impacts these trends are having within the small community. Through a needs assessment, problem in the community can be identified and ways to address them can be sought”. A needs assessment can be executed to broadly assess community issues, or can be more narrow analysis of a target population. Midnight Shelter Care successful service provision will be dependent on identifying target clients. It will require the program’s presence within the already –existing homeless resources (shelters, soup kitchens, etc.) to truly assess the need of the service. It will be imperative for the Shelter, as a whole to provide information about Midnight Shelter Care to other human and social service organization and form good working relationships with other programs. It is more likely that many of the clients of Midnight Shelter will come from referral agencies or other organizations. This is another way that I can assess the needs and strengths of the community is to communicate with other

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