Midlife Case Study

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Psychological As a product of life history, the ageing of the body during middle adulthood is undeniable. Psychologically, realising one’s own ageing is challenging (Lachman, 2001). Fading youthfulness, decline in physical functioning, changing careers and other dramatic alterations in life often cause anxiety and depression as they are expected to adjust their perception of age. This occurred when they are making a way through the previous occupational lifestyle as it is challenging to adjust their mentality. However, by re-evaluating their life, individuals usually see the chance of personal growth and are able to maturely encountering these challenges (Rayner, 2005). According to a research examining the ego development throughout midlife, a significant increase of ego level was shown. In other words, the level of maturity and the ability to make sense of the world will be improved across the midife. Also, Another longitudinal study had proven the growth in psychological aspects (Willis & Reid, 1999, Pals, 2012).…show more content…
According to the MOHO, social environment refers to the social groups, relationships or community a person involve interactively (Kielhofner, 2008). A relationship is also defined as collections of people are interdependent and are enduring similar values, interest and behaviours. During midlife, parental death, restructuring family network and unemployment are most likely to happened (Nicolson, 2014). These loss of roles leads to lack of purpose, identity and structure of everyday life. More specifically, unemployment was proved to linked with stress-related health problems, depression and substances abuse (Kielhofner, 2008). A role help us to shape what we are and direct what we do. Considering the loss of identity which may happened in midlife, social support is needed to deal with these challenges or psychological well-being will be disrupted (Kielhofner,
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