Middle School Practice: Parenting Styles And Academic Procrastination

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Melissa Van Heck Dr. Bannister May 20, 2016 EDML 8030 Summer I 2016 Critical Analysis of Middle School Practice Parenting is one of the things in life where there is not a rulebook and there are a lot of beliefs on how to raise children. Parents tend to raise their children based on their childhood experiences whether they were good or bad. Some parents raise their children just like they were raised and some raise their children differently because they don’t agree with the way their parents raised them. Parenting styles are based on the ideals and beliefs parents have about raising their children. Research shows that parenting styles directly affect how children behave in and out of school. Students may be presented with…show more content…
A study, “Parenting Styles and Academic Procrastination”, discusses several parental styles and how they affect the academic behavior of students. The study was conducted at the college level with 395 male and female students. There were two scales used including the Steinberg’s Parenting Styles Scale and the Solomon & Rothblum’s Academic Procrastination Scale. The study discusses an “acceptance-involvement” style of parenting where parents are accepting and they control their children’s behavior in an appropriate manner. There was a negative relationship between “acceptance-involvement” parenting styles and procrastination. Parents supervise but allow their children to be independent and demonstrate responsibility with their school work. Another parenting style is a “psychological autonomy-granting” style. This parenting style also demonstrated a negative relationship to procrastination. Parents within this parenting style demonstrate tolerance of their children’s opinion but lack control and discipline. When they do enforce restrictions they do it through logical thinking with their children. The last parental style demonstrated in this research is “behavioral strictness-supervision” which had a very strong positive relationship to procrastination. These parents do not give emotional support to students, employee extreme restrictions using discipline where there is little to no verbal…show more content…
It is an important practice to let students demonstrate their strengths and interests for them to be deeply engaged in math content. An example would be for students to create a poster, video, PowerPoint or collage to explain how geometric transformations are all around us in the real world. The choice is in the presentation of the content. Communicating the importance of allowing students to have choice can be hard for students and parents. Research from, “The Relationship between Parenting Styles and Creativity and the Predictability of Creativity by Parenting Styles” discusses how parenting styles including authoritative, authoritarian, and permissive parenting. The study included junior high students both male and female where 400 were randomly selected. They completed the Abedi Creativity Questionnaire and the mothers completed the Baumrind Parenting Styles Inventory (Mehrinejad, 2015, p. 57). The data was collected and organized to establish the mean, standard deviation, correlation, and regression analysis. The study concluded that there is a positive relationship between authoritative parenting and a child’s creativity. Authoritative parents prioritize children’s needs and implement demands that are appropriate to the child’s age. The key is that they want their children to be independent and autonomous. They encourage their children to
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