Middle School Is The Time Of Puberty

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Let’s flash back in time to before our college days. Back to then we had lunch trays filled with rubbery chicken nuggets, stale pizza, and bags of chocolate milk. A backpack stacked with Lisa Frank note books, flexi rulers, and color changing pencils. The times where we thought we wouldn’t make it out alive, but we did. Through all the trials and tribulations school helped build who I am today and shaped my future. From basic functions all the way to life-long lessons that helped shape my character. Middle school is the time of puberty for most. All of those awkward stages from blue eye shadow and silly popularity contests, all the way to bullying. When you’re this young you usually don’t know the impact your words may have though, including me. What may be seemingly harmless to you could severely impact another’s life. There was a very pretty girl in a few grades below me who was apparently getting bullied. Like most pre-teens I assume she was just trying her best to fit in. She was very intelligent and known for her perfect attendance record. One day she didn’t show ...
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