Middle Childhood Development Essay

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A significant part of development is the middle childhood. The middle childhood is largely centered on the development of a child’s inter-personal relationships, cognitive skills, personality and motivation. Children learn about their environment around the middle childhood. Integration is a task concerned with the primary developmental of child in the middle childhood. Physical development which happens during the middle childhood is not as dramatic as in early or late childhood. Growth might be usually slow ti late childhood life. Kids at this period usually relay on skills which they acquired in early childhood and these skills prepare them for the next stage of their cognitive development, the middle childhood. Skills like the hands-on…show more content…
Skills acquired in these relationships does form the building blocks for healthier relationships in their later life. Middle childhood is an exciting period in a child's development due to many experience of independence and freedom and various interest development, which might be in areas of sports, art/ music. Some jjunior high school students have recently been influenced via social trends which might include the increased rate of violence (mostly common amongst schools), drug use, depression and eating disorders, and to impact in these children the life and social skills that will enable them continue to develop into healthy young adults. Growth patterns variations is one of the characteristic of a child in middle childhood physical development. These difference may be due to gender, ethnicity, genes, hormones, environment, nutrition or disease. While children within this age group follow same basic developmental trend, they do not really mature at the same rate. The need for. The physical, cognitive and psychosocial development becomes notable when an individual does not successfully master one or more of the developmental…show more content…
kids who experience low self-esteem are children who are most times withdrawn or shy, and find it hard to have fun, which might sometime not hinder them from having a wide circle of friends, but they most times yield to peer pressure, because they are weak and helpless, they give in to being bullied all the time. The fear of failure stop them from trying something new and different, as they rather give up half way or even end before they start. The successful children are those who can cope better with frustrations and challenges, and this help they achieve a better and stronger self-esteem. Every child is special, children respond to different environments in different ways. Some children can be emotionally (innate) some conditions. A Strong child undergo negative and harmful experiences, without allowing these experiences damage their self-esteem or emotional development. These tough children experience the type of bullying amongst their peer group and do not give in to this experience or allow it have any has negatively effect on

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