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An exhibitor prospectus is a promotional brochure or online information packet sent to prospective exhibitors by show management to encourage participation in a tradeshow, where as an exhibitor services kit is an easy-to-use guide that is sent by show management but produced by the GSC to exhibitors who have contracted for and been assigned booth space. The following factors need to be taken into consideration when determining exhibition space: the number and size of regular and nonstandard booths; the amount of space needed for additional features, including specially featured exhibits, display areas, lounge areas, and whether or not there will be concessions; placement of the show’s registration area and management office- additional space will be need if these are located inside the exhibit hall; and of course the square footage formula = the number of Booths x booth length x booth width x 2 Drayage is the service of handling freight shipments for a tradeshow. They receive the items going to the tradeshow, store them in a warehouse, and deliver them to the booth at the specified tradeshow. The cost is determined by the weight of the shipment going in to the tradeshow. Every 100 pounds is charged, and it is always rounded up to the next 100 pounds. So if your exhibit weighs 101 pounds, you will be charged for 200 pounds. Drayage is very important to the success of tradeshows and conventions because most places like convention centers or hotels do not have the space, equipment, or facilities to hold all of the exhibit freight. In addition to this, drayage companies can help ensure a smooth and effective flow of freight because there is someone who handles coordinating, managing, and receiving the shipments of exhibits pertainin... ... middle of paper ... ...the registration aspect of the conference or event. A registration application service provider is also known as “software as a service provider”. This means that everything is done online and through computer software. This can be advantageous to the event or convention or tradeshow in the sense that it keeps everything organized and in one central location, so finding and verifying information becomes easy. The only disadvantage to using this technology that I could see would be the server crashing and all of the information getting lost in cyber space (worst case scenario – obviously). But I really could only foresee advantages to using this to streamline the whole process. Some of the registration application service providers have mobile apps that can be used on smartphones for additional ease of access and portability as well as instant proof of information.

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