Microport Orthopedics Case Study

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The mission of the company has been based upon increasing trust levels of the patients around the healthcare professionals. The trust is to be built around knee and hip replacements which might have been “good enough” in the past that they are not good enough in the current state. The agreement with surgeons who partner with Microport Orthopedics helps the group of patients gets back on their feet much quickly. The surgical processes at the company also require less rehabilitation. The company has placed priority on increasing innovation and being an industry leader, the two components that increase the customer level of satisfaction.
According to research findings by (Liu, 2012) organizations look forward to increasing productivity and reducing
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Integration can be encouraged between firms in areas to do with sharing workload, distributed workflow, meeting needs of the patients in a more flexible way and sharing of expertise. Microport faces a challenging future because of the rapid changes that are taking place in radiology. Partnerships will be in a position to provide for scalability, architecture and up-gradability. Being part of the partnership team will make it possible for Microport Orthopedics to get the appropriate advice on how to meet both the current and future needs of the…show more content…
There is a need for risk assessment where the risks are to be analyzed from three perspectives i.e. risk, opportunities and capabilities. The risk will involve the downside from losing the valuable assets mentioned in the above case that can involve loss of valuable assets in the organization. The upside of the risk is referred to as opportunity. Metropolitan Orthopedics can, for example, look at the opportunities regarding the value it is creating for the company shareholders, the level of profitability it is gaining and the level of revenues in the
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