Microbiology Essay

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Statement of Purpose

I have been in awe of the natural biological phenomena involved in the complex processes of the life. My inquisitive nature prompted me to read about biological processes which helped me understand how small change could be responsible in creating a disease state. Fascination regarding the cause of these diseases encouraged me to pursue Microbiology. The years spent undertaking the undergraduate studies at The Y.C. College of Science, Shivaji University (lndia), was a pivotal phase of my life that significantly shaped my career. lt was during this period that I developed liking for Microbiology and Molecular biology and which made process of learning enjoyable and interesting. The inclination towards research in this
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I completed my Master’s program in Microbiology from Y.C. College of science, Karad with a GPA of 3.8 out of 4.0. My master 's in general microbiology made me familiar with many aspects of microbiology. Extensive and comprehensive course work at Y.C. College of Science, Kolhapur…show more content…
Although, the focus of my study is to determine the stability of Beta-galactosidase in extreame conditions, the knowledge of these important techniques will surely prove valuable and assist me in further exploring the field of biochemistry and Enzymology. With the completion of my masters in microbiology, I wish to pursue further research to widen my horizons in different aspects of biochemistry and molecular biology, with the ultimate goal being to be able to implement the scientific and technical knowledge in academic

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