Micro Evolution

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An assignment written in partial fulfilment of the course Science of Origins: RELT 389

Jumo Daisy E

To lecturer: Ps C Sibanda
Semester : Summer 2014

Does the Bible support micro evolution?

Micro evolution is the slight modification or variation on the same species due to its responsiveness to a certain environment. It can also result from a succession of relatively small genetic variations that often cause the formation of new subspecies. According to Percival and +6Kenyon, it is diversification within a given type. Some examples of micro evolution are:
• We have light people as well as dark people
• Some people have longer pointed noses while others have short.
In other words we can simply say, Microevolution refers to the differences in the gene pool of a population or kind over time which as a result produces small changes to the organisms in that population. It is changes which would not result in the newer organisms being referred to as different species. Examples of such micro evolutionary changes would include a change in a species size, age or colouring.
Biblically, micro evolution is proved to be true. In the bible we find Noah’s grandson being the first black person. Genesis 9 verse 24, tells us that Noah cursed his grandson to be black and also be a slave to his descendants. It is when he had laughed at him for being naked. Already we notice a slight change in the human species, which is the differences in races, in the bible. Thus the micro evolution is indeed compatible with the scriptures.
There is also a variation of languages in the world, which we can also view as micro evolution. This began when pe...

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...ent kind, as suggested by macro evolution. If it was the case during the great flood, God might have told Noah to only take one kind of animal into the boat and that, that one type would produce all the different kind of species. Instead every kind was represented for continuity after the floods. Animals which are extinct would not be extinct if macro evolution could really take place. This therefore shows that the Bible does support micro evolution.
Therefore, one would not see a conflict between the biblical record and the observable examples of microevolution. In conclusion one can safely say that micro evolution is compatible with scripture.

1. The Bible
2. Evolution exposed by Roger Patterson
3. Evolution and Classification by M. Ridley
4. The Natural limits of Biological change by Lester and Bohlin
5. The blind watchmaker by R. Dawkins

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