Michelin Tire History

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Michelin Tire Michelin Tire is one of the biggest, and most popular tire companies their are. When most people hear the name Michelin Tire they probably think of the big white michelin man, or someone who they know that has Michelin tires. However the biggest thing people should know is the history of the company. Without the history, the company obviously wouldn't even be around. Some major things people should know are where was the company started Why was the company started Who started the company What are the advancements they have made throughout the years And how are they doing now? When Michelin Tire first started out it was not even called Michelin Tire. This company started off as a small manufacturing plant for farm equipment and rubber balls, the location of this plant was Clermont-Ferrand France. After a few years the owners of this plant decided to make rubber gaskets, valves, and tubing. All of this happened from about 1832-1887. In 1888 Andre Michelin took over the plant which belonged to his father. Later on in 1889 Andre's brother Edouard Michelin closed his paint shop to come work at the plant as the new manager. Andre and Edouard decided the company name should be Michelin & Co. at this point. In 1889, the plant had fifty-two employees working in. It is also the same year that they showed there first interest in the automotive world, this was because they created a rubber brake which they had called the “silent brake”. One day a customer came to them with his bicycle wanting to repair his dunlop tires. These tires were attached to the wheel as one piece. It took over three hours just to repair the tires, so after this Edouard thought of an easier way which was a detachable tire. In 1891 the Michelin brother... ... middle of paper ... ...he michelin radial tire, you can just imagine how great that would have been for the Michelin business. From here on Michelin tire pretty much has been repeating itself a lot. Really from the 60’s through the 80’s Michelin had just been coming out with new radial tires. These tires have been for motorcycles, airplane, race cars etc. Finally in the late 80’s Michelin expanded more building plants in Asia, Thailand, and Japan. A little while later another plant opened up in the Philippines. Basically from the mid 90’s to know Michelin has been recreating their radial tires and have been upgrading them for different terrain and usage. Micheline tire has very many plants throughout the world and has their products sold through even more places. Micheline Tire has a lot of background on how they got started and where they are today because of their accomplishments.

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