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Michele Bachmann is a presidential candidate and a Minnesota congresswoman. She is known for her success as a small business owner, a U.S. tax attorney, federal lawmaker, a wife, and mother. She has made her appearance known to the public due to her outspoken negativity towards the President of the United States, and her famous quote "Barack Obama is a one term President". Although the election is far away, Bachmann has managed to cause individuals to have a "change of heart" towards her vote, due to her controversial statements. Many have realized that Bachmann voices without actual facts; therefore, causing individuals’ to lack confidence in her campaign and see her as another Sarah Palin. Anyone who recalls Sarah Palin’s Death in March 2008 can tell you that she based some of her overall opinions on important topics off fabrications to boost her campaign (Makin). Michele Bachmann is unfit for the position she seeks for the President of the United States.

Although feminist are “tired” of pointing out that people have been sexiest in their treatment towards Michele Bachmann. The same feminist have noticed Bachmann caused most of the unfairness upon herself, due to her actions and her choice of words to the public. First and Foremost, Bachmann has criticized President Barack Obama on his lack of empathy for the American citizens; however, she has not managed to come up with a solution to help the struggling economy. Secondly, Bachmann tried defending the human papillomavirus and Gay Marriage comments on the "Tonight Show" with Jay Leno; however, it just showed viewers that she does not stand strong on her view points when under pressure. Furthermore, during political debates, Bachmann has been judged continuously on being a su...

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... to benefit her own detriment and make fun of devastating situations? What America needs and what Bachmann thinks America needs does not coincide, which is letting you know she is unfit for the job she seeks as President of the United States.

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In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how michele bachmann was interviewed on the "tonight show" with jay leno on two topics that threw many listeners for a loop.
  • Analyzes how michele bachmann has been criticized for her comment on being a submissive wife, and explains that if she was elected president, most of her decisions would be coming from her husband.
  • Analyzes how bachmann told supporters god was sending a message to washington politicians through the earthquake and hurricane that pummeled the east coast this weekend.
  • Opines that bachmann's beliefs and morals are not beneficial to the people. how can america elect a president that can't deliver real facts, badmouth other political figures, and make fun of devastating situations?
  • Explains that michele bachmann is a presidential candidate and minnesota congresswoman. she is known for her outspoken negativity towards the president of the united states.
  • Explains that feminists are tired of pointing out that people have been sexiest in their treatment towards michele bachmann.
  • Analyzes how michele bachmann accused president obama of having a "shocking" lack of empathy toward americans victimized by the struggling economy.
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