Michelangelo’s Personality and Things He Brought to People

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Michelangelo is a prodigy. He left various kinds of artwork: paintings, sculptures, architectures and so on. Giorgio Vasari repeats a word “divine” in his writing “the Life of the Michelangelo” in order to describe Michelangelo’s artistic talent. As he praises Michelangelo by using the word “divine”, Michelangelo’s art works and techniques surely transcend human natures. Michelangelo’s attitude toward art was industrious and determined but stubborn and grumpy, which came from his childishness. However, he had a delicate heart. Although Michelangelo was diligent and resolute toward art but had a warped personality to get along with as if he were a child, he had made efforts to improve his artistic skills and suffered from harassment by other artists, and his personality and life had produced outstanding artworks as the result. Additionally, many marvelous works Michelangelo left still have kept influencing people living today by giving important messages.

True or not, many anecdotes about Michelangelo describe his assiduous and firm but headstrong and grumpy characteristics, and, further, express his strong influence to the public. The description that “[Michelangelo] counterfeited sheets by the hands of various old masters ... to obtain the originals from the hands of their owners by giving them the copies” describes Michelangelo’s positive learning attitude toward art (Vasari Part1). In addition, Michelangelo also learned anatomy by “flaying dead bodies,” which means Michelangelo learned studies beyond art by him (Part 2). This fact indicates that he did not set boundaries of category when it comes to learning. In these ways, Michelangelo learned art by any means, and his positive learning attitude infers that he was a perfectio...

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... order to make his artworks perfect even though his art ability naturally had come from God; he learned by counterfeiting his master’s works, flaying dead bodies, and so on. He endured harassment by other artists too. Further, Michelangelo did not set his limit; he undertook not only sculpture jobs but also paintings and architectures even though originally he had been a sculptor. Also, he did not set boundaries of category for learning. Hence, his artworks look real and make one feel as if something is going on truly in his artwork. By leaving a lot of marvelous artworks and important messages, Michelangelo not only has impressed people but also taught them what is important to succeed.

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