Michael Kenna 's Journey Of Photography

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Michael Kenna is a photographer from Widens, Lancashire who moved to San Francisco in 1977(“Michael Kenna”, Joseph Bellows Gallery). When he moved to San Francisco, he realized that there were hundreds of galleries in San Francisco where he could display and sell his work (“Michael Kenna”, Joseph Bellows Gallery). This is when Michael Kenna’s journey of photography began. He knew he loved photography, but needed to figure out what he loved to photograph. What he didn’t know was that when he figures out what he loved to photograph it would make his work that much better. Kenna discovered that he loved photographing nature, but he wouldn’t do it like everyone else. When you think of nature photography, what comes to mind? Most people think about a quick snap of colorful trees, bird, and more, but this was not what Kenna did. Instead, he would take black and white photos with exposures lasting up to ten hours (Sykes, “Interview”). Not only would he take long exposure photos in black and white, but he would take these photos at odd times. For example, he loved to take photos when it wo...

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