Michael Jordan

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“Michael Jordan is the best ever. There shouldn’t be any question in anyone’s mind. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it. He broke the mold. There is no one remotely close to him, Nate Thurmond says. Look at all the finals, he always carried his team. He willed them to another title each year. His greatness was well shown off and off the court. He follows up by saying it’s his mental approach more so than his physical talent. He’s been on top so long and he still goes out and does it every night (Thurmond, 61).'; He was the best player in the league for years and everyone respected his talent. “There’s no next Michael Jordan, says Magic Johnson. He continues saying, you can’t compare anyone to him, what he has done for the game can never be matched. Michael Jordan will always be Michael Jordan and no one better (Johnson, 61). He’s the greatest that ever played, in terms of doing things that Larry Bird and I never dreamed about.'; (62) Doug Collins says that, “Practice is what made him go. Every day he had this need to show who was the best. It’s like `I’m the best today and I’m going to show you and tomorrow I’m going to show you and the next day I’m going to show you again.’ That was how he competed. All the great geniuses of the world were like that. We’re talking about Einstein, Edison, and Roosevelt. These people came across something and worked to perfect it (Collins, 61). “Michael Jordan is the most competitive human being I’ve ever met. I’ve met many CEO’s from fortune 500 companies. Michael is more competitive then all of them, David Faulk'; (Faulk, 62) He continues saying, “Michael Jordan would cheat to win, if he wasn’t winning, he would do anything to do so.';(63) Fread Lynch tells, “More than anything else, he was a sore loser. Just playing pick-up games, he’d get on his teammates all the time. He hasn’t changed that. What he always expected was everybody play the game as hard as he played it.'; (Lynch, 63) Michael Jordan’s father once said, “I think Michael got so good because Larry (his older brother) used to beat him all the time. He always took losing hard. He only began beating Larry once he started really to grow. It was almost like as if he willed himself to grow.

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