Michael Jord The Greatest To Ever Play Basketball

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Michael Jeffrey Jordan has earned many accomplishments on and off of the court throughout his life. Michael is most known for basketball, in which he has contributed to more than most people. Michael is a childhood icon for most people. He is widely considered to be the greatest to ever play basketball.
Michael was born in February 27th, 1963 in Brooklyn, New York. At a young age, Michael and his family moved to a rural town called Wilmington, North Carolina. As a kid and in high school, Michael played baseball, basketball, football, and track. When Michael was a sophomore in high school, he was cut from the varsity basketball team. This was a huge disappointment to Michael and he greatly considered giving up on basketball completely. Thanks to his parents, Michael continued on with basketball and it fueled him to work even harder and strive to get better. Between his sophomore and junior year, Michael grew from 5 foot eleven, to 6 foot 3. As an upperclassman at Laney High, Jordan continued to strive to get better and work as hard as he could. Jordan’s hard work paid off a little bit when he earned an invite to a five star basketball camp in Pittsburgh, where only the best basketball players in the nation are invited to. Before his senior year began, Michael accepted a scholarship offer to play basketball at the University of North Carolina. By his senior year, Michael grew to 6 foot 6 inches.
In 1981, Jordan enrolled at the University of North Carolina and chose to study Geography. Jordan started as a freshman for the Tar Heels basketball team. He didn’t have the best scoring averages, but he was good during the clutch times. Jordan was very inspired when he could look in the stands and his parents were in attendance. In the NC...

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...ouple restaurants. I think Michael Jordan is one of the most caring human beings of all time also. Jordan has donated a lot of money to charity and once donated a whole season’s worth of his money to charity. Jordan’s estimated net worth today is around $650 million dollars, and soon in the next few years will probably become a billionaire.
Today Michael is 50 years old and is married to a woman named Juanita Vanoy, and has 3 kids named Marcus, Jeffrey, and Jasmine. He is a partial owner to Charlotte Bobcats. Michael has helped basketball’s popularity to where it is today. Michael Jordan’s legacy will continue to live on, no matter what the future holds. He is one of the greatest, if not the great basketball player of all time, and definitely was one of the greatest athletes to ever play a sport in this world, and I think this information definitely proves that.

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