Michael Jackson: The Life And Life Of Michael Jackson

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Michael Jackson was born in Gary, Indiana on August 29, 1958. He was the son of Katherine and Joseph Jackson. Michael had eight siblings. They all had their share in the music industry. His father was a crane operator but had a passion for music. The children heard music all the time. Joseph put together a musical group called The Jackson 5. Katherine Jackson noticed that Michael had an incredible talent in music. Michael loved dancing and singing. Michael became the lead vocalist at the age of five. Michael became the center of attention. (Rolling Stone) Joseph became violent with his sons; pushing them to be the best they could. He would make them practice for hours a day. If they made a mistake, Joseph would verbally abuse them. Joseph would…show more content…
Michael and The Jackson 5 had a self-titled cartoon show. Gordy did not want the Jacksons to do their own moves and music. After having tensions with Gordy, the Jacksons signed a deal with Epic Records. Michael fired his father as his manager. While filming in The Wiz, Quincy Jones became Michaels new father. Quincy Jones was a jazz musician, composer, and bandleader. Michael Jackson became the biggest black artists ever created. Off the Wall had the most cohesive atmosphere of any song. It sold more than five million copies by 1985. Jackson expected Off the Wall to win a Grammy. It only received one honor. Michael was despondent and cried about the outcome. Around the time Off the Wall was released, Michael said in some interviews that he was lonely and would sit in his bedroom and cry. Michael’s biggest song was Thriller. Thriller was a piece of art and a work of intimate exposure. Thriller was the number one hit on Billboard for thirty-seven weeks. Michael was the first artist to generate four top ten hits on the Billboard. The song garnered thirteen Grammy nominations. In the1984 Grammy Awards, Jackson won eight awards including Album of the Year and Record of the Year. Along with the Jacksons, Michael announced that he would be going on a nationwide

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