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Michael Jackson: Why He is the King of Pop. Imagine at the age of eight you are the lead singer of one of the most popular bands at the time with multiple songs reaching number one and produces incredibly popular albums, and at the age of around twelve you start a solo career, ("Jackson 5"). Michael Jackson's life was just that, including many multi-million selling songs across two music groups the Jackson 5 at the age eight and going solo at the age of twelve and having many adoring fans it contributed to Jackson being the best pop singer of all time. Although there were rape allegations which people suggest that Michael Jackson should be stripped of his title of the "King of Pop". Michael Jackson even with the faulty allegations, the popularity of his songs, the influences on society, and the abundance of awards drew him to be the "King of Pop". Michael Jackson had some of the most listened to and most successful songs in the world which sky-rocketed his career and made him the "King of Pop". At the age of around twelve Jackson's band the Jackson 5 was the first band to have their first four songs to hit number one, (Grammys). This shows the amount of success Michael Jackson had at an age which most kids are only in seventh grade today people can't even have a job at that age. At a later age, Michael Jackson leaves the Jackson 5 and produces the album Thriller, and it quickly became the first album to have seven hits on the Billboard Hot One Hundred, (Grammys). This displays the Jackson still had success even at an older age. While some people might think that he just had success with the Jackson 5 he can also do it when he is an adult. After Jackson's death he became the first singer to sell more than one million tracks in a... ... middle of paper ... ...crous accusations, while Tupac went to jail for raping someone, and he still is some people idols is very bias. Michael Jackson should have the title of, "The King of Pop" be taken away because of something as preposterous as that. Michael Jackson forever should be the best pop singer of all-time, because of how, famous his songs were, his effects on the world, and the many honors he had, even though there were comical indictments he will always be an amazing singer. He had songs having multimillion dollar sales songs reaching number one, he had inspired dancing with the moonwalk, and inspired some of today's fashion and singers, and finally received Grammys and got two stars in the Hollywood walk of fame, and overall did a lot of remarkable things. From, at a young age in the Jackson 5 from his death Michael Jackson should be have the title, "The King of Pop".

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