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Michael Jackson 's obituary, written in 2009 in The New York Times by Brooks Barnes, explains how Mr. Jackson has touched the hearts of many listeners with his catchy rhythms and stories portrayed throughout his songs however, it does not get in depth enough about the pure ambition and willpower that Mr. Jackson has had since he was a child that made him The King of Pop. Some examples of Mr.Jackson’s devotion is his patented shoes he invented know as “Magic Shoes” that help perform certain dance routines. Other contributions to his career would be that he practiced everything “...until it felt like second nature.” (Barnes, 2009, para. 36.) as stated by Vincent Patterson (Mr. Jackson’s choreographer/director). In Barnes obituary about Michael…show more content…
Some remarkable things Mr. Jackson contributed to the world of performance, that Barnes failed to mention, would be the world famous illusionary Moonwalk dance in which Mr. Jackson slides his feet in such a manner that it looks like he is gliding backwards. Another innovation, that Barnes failed to note, is his invention of “Anti-Gravity Shoes” which help with another illusionary dance move that Mr. Jackson invented “The Anti-Gravity Lean” as originally seen in the music video “Smooth Criminal” that debuted in 1988 by Mr.Jackson, to me that truly shows his devotion to his career and…show more content…
Even though most know him for “Thriller” album that debuted in 1982 and went 30 times platinum (30 millions sales) to this day (highest ever recorded selling album in history). Mr. Jackson will also be remembered as the King of Pop because of his love for music. That is what got him the title of King of Pop and also highest ever recorded sales for a single album which is no easy task. And as stated by Barnes, that is why the publicity and fans never abandoned him even on the day of his death by lining the streets around Mr. Jackson 's home as he was taken to the U.C.L.A. Medical Center on the day of his death by ambulance, (Barnes, 2009, para 52). This is why Mr. Jackson’s legacy shall never be

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