Mexicans Jogging

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Mexicans jogging seeks to highlight the various issues that immigrant and Mexican Americans are faced with. America is indeed such a diverse society, perhaps the most diverse society in the world. But have Americans fully embraced their diversity? This is an important question that has been raised in many debates seeking to address the issue of societal diversity among Americans. The reason why this issue has managed to raise a lot of debates is the fact that there are still incidences of discrimination whereby members of the society who are not considered part and parcel of the mainstream American society have been treated differently by those who consider themselves mainstream Americans. This variation in the nature of treatment can be seen in the nature of work that immigrants are subjected to, the general attitude that other Americans have towards such immigrants and the relationship between the immigrants in question and law enforcement agencies. Such mistreatment whether real or perceived has resulted to the general conclusion that there is still some element of intolerance as far as the mainstream American society is concerned. Diversity is an issue that the American society has had to deal with for many years since the formation of this very nation. It is perhaps important to note that the American society was formed on the basis of societal diversity. What is now commonly referred to as the mainstream American society is a collection of people from different racial and socio-cultural backgrounds whose cultures merged to form what is now referred to as the American culture. Despite this fact, Americans have always had a lukewarm approach when it comes to welcoming ‘new’ members into their society. Points out that the Afr... ... middle of paper ... ...n workers and this is an aspect that the American society has to work on. To sum it all up, Soto’s ‘Mexicans Jogging’ brings to the fray several issues that both Mexican Americans and other members of the minority groups have to grapple with. The poem points out that there is a significant level of social discrimination that the minorities are subjected to. This discrimination comes from both the law enforcement agencies and members of the otherwise mainstream American population. As much as this might be true, the American society can be considered to be indeed the most accommodating societies in the world. This is because millions of immigrants are currently living harmoniously with other Americans. Perhaps the country might need to make a few minor adjustments in the general attitude be law enforcement officers and members of the public regarding this issue.
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