Mexican Culture Vs Mayan Culture Essay

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The culture of the African Kingdoms of Meroe and Aksum share various commonalities with the Mayan civilization in Guatemala and Mexico. First, the empire of Meroe had a sustainable agriculture, expansive and constructed temples in pyramids. Second, the Aksum empire also had an agricultural surplus and enjoyed vast trade, albeit at the expense of the Meroe. Third, the Maya enjoyed rich agriculture, constructed large pyramids, and had vast trading connection. In the end, each of these three empire fell into crisis and declined in similar fashion. The Meroe civilization descended from the Nubians who had successfully conquered Egypt until succumbing to Assyrian pressure (von Sivers, Desnoyers, and Stow 152). The Assyrian conquered Egypt and the Nubians retreated down the Nile to Meroe (von Sivers, …show more content…

The Maya and Meroe shared the characteristic of erecting large pyramids in their empire. As von Sivers, Desnoyers, and Stow infer, that the Kings of the empire had the farmers construct their cities and large pyramids during the time of year with bleak agricultural output (163). The demise of the Maya occurred in the late 500’s CE and revolved around tensions between the commoners and the elite ruling class, and the decline of natural resources. There is evidence to suggest that the commoners were beginning to rebel against the Mayan rulers. von Sivers, Desnoyers and Stow infer, that there is the possibility that farmers were unwilling to grow crops and construct temples and pyramids in defiance against the elite (168). Similar to the Meroe culture, the Maya suffered as a result of the mismanagement of resources. As von Sivers, Desnoyers, and Stow infer, the over use of soil, a loss of topsoil on terraces, and increased salt levels in field due to negligent drainage all culminated in the crisis among the Mayan kingdoms

In this essay, the author

  • Compares the cultures of the african kingdoms of meroe and aksum with the mayan civilization in guatemala and mexico.
  • Explains that the meroe civilization descended from the nubians who had successfully conquered egypt until succumbing to assyrian pressure.
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