Mexican American Women After World War 2 Essay

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World War II was a time of great change the entire world, specifically the United States of America. While young boys and men left the United States to fight the war, women were left to keep life going. This caused great change in women’s attitudes toward themselves and their place in American society. Even though all women went through this change during World War II, Mexican American women specifically went through a change that not only challenged the status quo in white America, but also changed how their own communities and families saw them. While the author argues that these changes are a result from World War II, the author fails to bring enough evidence of this.
Before World War II, the author argues that Mexican American young women
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It seemed like the author made many jumps from the evidence that they supplied and the conclusion. Throughout this essay, the author mainly focuses on how the authorities view the Pachucas, like how authorities thought they were involved with gangs, that they dangerous and violent, that they committed many crimes. And how the authorities reacted to this, how they sent these young women to juvenile detention centers and blamed the families for the girls being this way. The author does not focus on how the Pachucas effect their community. While the author briefly touches on how the families felt about the Pachucas and how the parents would react when their daughters would first start acting and dressing in this way, the author does not address how the Mexican American community went from the feelings of shame, dishonor and disapproval of the Pachuca fashion, attitudes, and actions to just accepting this part of the new Mexican American women. It seems that the author made too many leaps without actually showing the thought process behind it or providing enough evidence of this in the
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