Mexican-American War

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The Mexican-American war over the territory of the great Southwest of the North American continent took place from 1846 to 1848. That very southwest was until that time a full part of the country of Mexico that had fallen under the scrutiny of the United States for military annexation because it was in the way of the United States who was a young, expanding country. The United States had done well for itself in acquiring a bulk of the North American continental territory up to this point in time starting with the thirteen colonies obtained during the Revolutionary War, then the 1783 settlement towards the West and New Orleans, followed by the Louisiana Purchase of 1803 which spanned all the way to the Midwest, and the Florida purchase of 1819 that allowed access to the region of what is now that state. By 1845, the United States had also successfully annexed all of Texas and a large amount of land northwest of Texas, which stimulated a lot of talk about the United States’ intended expansion of landholdings to the West as far as California on the coastline. In the year 1845, A Democratic newspaper editor by the name of John O’Sullivan created the term “Manifest Destiny” by publishing an article a popular news publication called Democratic Review declaring the destiny of the United States to be the allocation of the North American continent for the generations of our families and that California would be allocated in due time.
On top of the fact that Mexico rejected the annexation of Texas as legally valid and refused to sell the United States their land possessions of New Mexico and California, they became abrasive by verbally contending against United States naval deployments off the coast California and military land advances ag...

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