Mexican American War

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After the Texas independence war, Mexico doesn’t recognize Texas’s independence because their president, General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, was captured during the Texas independence war. Although we didn’t get to annex Texas because it would be a slave state and an unbalanced between free and slave states. Texas finally got annexed in 1845 which was one of the causes that started the Mexican American War. The other cause is that President James Polk wanted California, so he offered Mexico $30,000,000 dollars for New Mexico, California and to have the border of Texas at the Rio Grande. He sent an American diplomat, John Slidell, to Mexico City. When John Slidell came to Mexico City, Mexico refused to even to see or talk to him. Polk was determined to get that territory from Mexico. So James Polk knew he was going to war with Mexico but he needed to get the country on his side, so Polk had to get Mexico to attack first. Polk sent General Zachary Taylor to build a fort on distributed territory on January 1846 to drag Mexico to attack. On April 25th, 1846 Mexican cavalry attacked the fort, and the United States army won on the battles of Palo Alto and Resaca de la Palma. Polk’s plan was planned out perfect. He went to Congress on May 11th and told them Mexico attacked us on our soil. On May 13th, 1846 Congress declared war on Mexico.
The United States was split on the war. Northerners thought President James Polk, who was a southerner, was trying to gain land for slaves. Other Americans thought it was wrong to have war with Mexico to get more territory. Although United States citizens were divided the United States army had success on the battlefield, led by Generals Ulysses S. Grant and Robert Lee which in...

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...ates won this part of the battle.
General Scott’s army attacked General Anaya at Churubusco a little later in the day of August 20th. The fighting continued throughout the day and to the west of the battlefield for the American generals was General Pillow and David Twiggs which fought to cross the Rio Churubusco. The Americans won this battle. In all the Americans won the whole battle.

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