Metropolis Of Athens By Thucydides

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Athens was the beacon of culture in the ancient Mediterranean world. This polis produced written language, democracy, created art, structured great architectural works, and made many other countless, modern achievements. Traditionally, Athenians chose a path of nomos as opposed to phusis and would criticize individuals who deviated from that path, mainly through social ostracism. However, Athens slowly began to lose its identity with the loss of self-control and traditional values. This drastic change over time was what led to the downfall of the once amazing metropolis of Athens.
Throughout his work, Thucydides compares and contrast the old Athens he respected to the new, tyrannical Athens. It is clear within his writings that Thucydides did not like what Athens had become and he did not support democracy. “The Athenians were the first Greeks to put their weapons away and change to a more relaxed and luxuries style of life” . The author also makes a note of how the Athenians treated their neighbors and fellow Greeks. Instead of keeping the peace treaty after the Persian War and honoring their allies, Athens raged war due to their greed . “Over time, however, the Athenians took into their hands the ships of all their allies except for Chios and Lesbos, and ordered each of them to make certain monetary payments” . A later
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Once the rest of Greece learned of the defeat in Sicily, other poleis, including Sparta, rose up against the city of Athens . Many Athenians feared that they would be treated with the same cruelty they showed the other Greeks who they conquered. “Sparta did not destroy Athens, but merely tore down the long walls between Athens and Piraeus that had secured Athenian access to the sea and took away all but twelve triremes of the Athenian navy.” Even though democracy is not blamed by name, Thucydides blamed democracy since it was a failed
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