Methods to Secure Cell Phone While Using E-Banking

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Methods to secure cell phone while using e-banking.To access to e-banking you should use some electronic devices such as laptop, cellphone… etc. The majority of access e-banking by cellphone increase rapidly each year. Using online banking by cell phone will force the sensitive information to travel from the cell phone device to the bank protect this important information ,expert suggest some rules or tips .This rules can decline the e-banking risks by smartphone more than 40%.The rules as following :Treat Your Phone as Your Computer.If we bank online, we must make sure our laptops protected from hackers and worms. How we do this is by using some application against worms and prevent hackers from access your devices. We also shouldn't save any password or sensitive information on our workstations or mobiles. Many of us don't know exactly how do we protect our smartphone? Firstly we should set up a password for the smartphone or any other devices that contain our secure data. We can perform this by going to our phone's settings. For example, On an Android looks for the Location & Security setting and on IPhone looks for Passcode Lock. It is also strongly recommend download software security to secure the cellphone from attacker as hackers and worms.Utilize Remote Access.One of the main dangers with mobile banking is that it's common to misplace or lose the cell phone in some places. We should think about it, we need to find a way to track down our smartphone. Different cell phones have different software that is doing this. For example, Lookout software for blackberry .These software helps the user to find their software. Additionally, some of this software have a feature of wipe or delete the information in the device ...

... middle of paper ... Steve Dispensa. "Now, it's easier than ever for banks to deploy Phone Factor, regardless of their online banking systems. Banks can take control of the implementation timeline and quickly roll the service out to their users." (Spano, 2010)
No specific security tokens are required for the phone factor messaging and there are no certificates or the software that are needed to deploy to the final user. Therefore, the overall enrollment procedure is completely automated. There is no need to train the users, rather only a little support is needed to the user for this purpose.
The user’s acceptance for the purpose of Phone Factor is now continue to develop and increase rapidly in all type of industries, but the authenticated use along with the security make it really ideal for the e-banking. In the modern era, the Phone Factor messaging is being use on a large scale.
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