Methods to End Terrorism

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Terrorism is the cousin of war. It is meant to scar sometimes a whole nation. Not committed by sheer pleasure, it is done for a specific reason. In many cases that reason differs, due to whatever the objective is. No matter the objective the attack will be rather categorical. Whether it is genocide, assassination, bombing, or even hacking into the “X Files”. But when it comes to the query of putting terrorism to sleep, we find ourselves stumped. No worries readers, this document contains the map to fountain of answers we all soo crave to drink from. Warning the solutions that are proposed contain no violence. To begin my list why don’t we travel back a few centuries to the publishment of the 13th amendment. For those who are now left dumbfounded due to their ignorance about the 13th amendment, it was the amendment that abolished slavery. African Americans during that time were filled to the brim with joy, knowing that they were exempted from being forced to perform physical labor past their bodys breaking point, knowing that they were finally going to be treated better than farm animals, knowing that they were now free African American citizens. But what they didn’t realize was that the war was far from over, that they just stepped out of the frying pan and into the fryer. White men and women constantly harassed the freemen. Ridiculing them to the point where they would retaliate and then have to take full responsibility for their actions with beatings from cops and even extremely long prison sentences. Finally they discovered a way to beat the system. By surrendering even when they committed no wrong deed. This method wasn’t at all easy on the body, they had to withstand beatings and humiliation, however over a period of time... ... middle of paper ... ...” actually a war against any and all enemies the US government may designate. The case of Iraq shows that the target countries of this war need have nothing whatsoever to do with 9/11. The invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan were both planned and prepared in advance of September 11th, with the apparent motive of gaining geostrategic advantage and seizing vital resources. The architects of the Iraq invasion within the Bush administration had earlier been members of the Project for a New American Century. In the PNACmanifesto of September 2000 (“Rebuilding America’s Defenses”), they admitted that the American people would be unwilling to pay the stiff price for US global hegemony, full-spectrum military dominance, and the imposition of a new order in the Middle East – unwilling, that is, in the absence of a catalyzing event, an epochal lesson such as a “newPearl Harbor.”
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