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QUALITATIVE METHOD 1 QUALITATIVE METHOD Luis Maya United States University Author Note Luis Maya, United States University Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to Luis Maya, Department of Concepts in Educational Inquiry E-mail: QUALITATIVE METHOD 2 QUALITATIVE METHOD Researching on Qualitative methods study by using critical thinking skills and the knowledge of educational research methods we learned during this class, analyzing the effectiveness of the modality used to examine the construct. Describing the type of sampling, data collection method, and time frame for the research. Commenting on the validity and reliability of the instrument used or explain why that data was not presented in the article. What types of statistics were used (descriptive or inferential). Why. QUALITATIVE METHOD 3 What I have learn on Qualitative Method Study during this class. Qualitative method is a method used to measure data collected during the research and/or experimentation of specific theories and hypotheses. It is applied in many researches and studies in various disciplines such as education, social work, information, management, psychology, and communication each serve a s... ... middle of paper ... ... 8 Analyzing data according to recurrent themes found in interviews or other types of qualitative data collection and narrative analysis: categorizing information gathered through interviews, finding common themes, and constructing a coherent story from data. Researchers sampling are encouraged to record their personal thoughts and feelings about the subject of study. They are prompted to think about how their experiences, ethnicity, race, gender, sex, sexual orientation, and other factors might influence their research, in this case what the researcher decides to record and observe (Ambert et al., 1995).Researchers must be aware of these biases and enter the study with no misconceptions about not bringing in any subjectivities into the data collection process (Ambert et al., 1995; DeWalt & DeWalt, 2011; Richardson, 2000

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