Methodology of Monitoring Activities Related to the Progress in the Implementation of the Performance Indicators

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Methodology of monitoring activities related to the progress in the implementation of the Performance Indicators (Conditions) for Disbursement of Variable Tranche under the EU Budget Support, Discussion paper prepared This document so to speak present the methodology in preparation of the monitoring activities and the monitoring reporting requirements on progress in the implementation of the Performance Indicators (Conditions) for Disbursement of Variable Tranche under the EU Budget Support. This document outlines the approach to development of the methodology, as well as the monitoring report format, to be discussed with the Ministry of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine (MoFE) as well as to MOFE’s Joint Monitoring Group. This document will form the basis for further development of the monitoring methodology and specific monitoring instruments, as soon as it will be agreed with the MoFE and other project stakeholders involved in the Budget Support Programme. When preparing the paper I have made the necessary reflections to our project TOR as well to our Technical Proposal. Although this paper is developed to set up the practical monitoring tools for the Joint Monitoring Group and/ or other institutional structures involved in monitoring of the implementation of the Financing Agreement titled ‘Support to the implementation of Ukraine’s Energy strategy, ref ENPI/2007/18788’, it may be applied to any other EU-Ukraine energy sector agreements where monitoring of progress is required. Introduction and background The deep cooperation between EU and Ukraine in order to integrate energy markets is an important element of overall cooperation between Ukraine and EU as it is specified in Ukraine-EU Action Plan. The cooperati... ... middle of paper ... ...ctured and persons are not equipped with clear monitoring methodologies, including well structured approach, procedures and institutional set up, and respective technical monitoring tools to carry out the monitoring tasks in a proper professional way. Also the fact that 4 new people have been appointed to the JMG as result of the new election confirms this statement. The objective of the ESBS’ task and activities (also according to our TOR) will therefore be related to the following: • Provide the necessary support to JMG to effectively carry out these tasks; • Guide and support the monitoring process and ensure that key documents and reports are produced in a timely manner; and • Develop the capacity of the JMG so that it can independently oversee the implementation of the sector budget support process and the country’s energy strategy more generally.
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