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CHAPTER: III “RESEARCH METHODOLOGY AND DATA ANALYSIS” The basic idea behind selecting the topic of “CURRENT PRACTICES IN REWARD MANAGEMENT” is to study the formulation and implementation of strategies and policies that aim to reward people fairly, justifiably and regularly in accordance with their value to the organization. Today companies are coming up with the new techniques and methodologies to reward their employees so that a competitive environment could be made in benefit of the organization on the whole. Research methodology A research process consists of stages or steps that guide the project from its conception through the final study, recommendations and ultimate activities. The exploration process provides a organized, strategic approach to the research task and ensures that aspects of the research projects are consistent with each other. Research Design: - I did an intensive secondary research to understand the full impact and implication of the industries, to review and critic the norms and reports, on which certain issue shall be selected, which I feel remain unanswered or liable to change, this shall be further taken up in a next stage of exploratory research. The several tasks that I have carried out in the research design process are 1. Defining the information need 2. Design the exploratory, descriptive and casual research. Research Process: - The research process has four distinct yet interrelated steps for research analysis. It has logical and hierarchical ordering: 1. Determination of information research problem. 2. Development of appropriate research design. 3. Execution of research design. Exploratory Research: - As there are two methods of exploratory research. (a) Primary... ... middle of paper ... ...o the team the day before he/she starts. • Full sheet ad in newspaper just the once a year thanking employees and name all individually. • Public admiring of an individual at a branch or hotel meeting. • They make sure all prizes; praise, additional benefit, etc. are in public. • They give Golden Broom Award to all (excluding housekeeping staff) who are seen picking up trash - after two, they can redeem them for a gift. • They give a trophy that is passed from rewardee to rewardee so it is much desired, it does not matter what it is and actually the odder the better so it is fun. • They also provide excursion tour to employees in reward for better performance as well. This creates a high sense of loyalty and dedication of employees towards the Oberoi Group. The employees are more satisfied in relation to employees of other companies in hospitality industry.

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