Methodology Assigment

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To self- evaluate my performance as language teacher, i chose a group of teenagers who are in eleventh grade in the school where I work. They are in b1 level. The lesson I planned was a function lesson where I include activities related to the development of communicative skills. The aim of the lesson was related to how students can describe the plot of a movie writing their ideas. This main goal, promoted the students’ interaction when using the communicative functions in second language. Moreover, I planned personal objectives, which were a new part of my planning because I have not included this aspect before, these were taken for granted. Consequently, these objectives were related to foster students’ autonomous learning and giving students the central role in the lesson. Successful aspects Regarding my teaching reflection in this first teaching practice, there were 3 principal aspects that remarked the success of this lesson. First, the class atmosphere was good. Students were participating actively to accomplish the aim of the lesson. The affective filters were low in spi...

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