Methodology And Development Of Project

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In this chapter, developer elaborate more detail about methodology that developer use for this project. But before that what is methodology is all about? A methodology is usually a guideline for system to solving a problem, with specific components such as phases, tasks, methods, techniques and tools. To develop the web-based system, it is very important to plan the project for the system to run smoothly and meets all of the requirements. The research methodology is the best way to avoid problems that may harm the system. The research methodology must be reasonable and all of project and the development of the system must be complete according to the client needs. 2.1 Data gather technique This sub chapter is about the data collection method. It concentrates on the software development method involve in this project for gather the requirement and important information. The method is collecting data for developing this project are interview and onsite observation. 3.1.1 Interview In order to get the require information for the development of this project, an interview needs to be conducted and before that, the interview question need to be prepared so that the interview can go smoothly. The interview was conducted at the office of unit residential unisel. The purpose of this interview is to gather the required information about the company and how the work flow for manual complaint system. This interview also gather the design for the home page and for admin page, the security of this system and the main theme for this system web page. Furthermore in the interview other information was also explained by owner about the complaint method form, check out form and room transfer form application. Meanwhile the the admin work fl... ... middle of paper ... ...ction of the system. This will allow developer develop the system at the same time able to do some changes from client or user when they request or improvement to the developer for any changes to be made at the system even after requirement planning phase has ended. 3.4 Summary In conclusion the research methodology is very important in developing a project because it involves the necessary steps to successfully deliver a project. Research methodology involves data collection methods which are interview and on site observation. The Rapid Application development (RAD) was chosen as the software development methods in implementing project. The phases involve in RAD are requirements and planning, user design, construction and cutover. Furthermore this chapter also provides justification of using RAD as a software development method for developing this project.
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