Methapor in Oedipus by Sophocles

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Oedipus Media Assignment
The pack of sure-foot Fates will track him down.
The metaphor is presented by “the pack of sure-foot Fates” which refers to a pack of hounds that will catch their target no matter what and track them down. Significantly proving that it is impossible to escape your fate, yet alone outrunning a pack hounds. This is an image of a pack of hounds tracking the killer in a Forest. The symbol on the collar is to portray them as Fate. The dark figure of the Laius’ murderer is not known to the chorus. However, they believe that Fate will not fail to track down the killer. The words “the pack of sure-foot fates will track” invokes a visual sense of a scene with trained canines desperately looking for a target.
Apollo to the hunt will run the man to earth / Through savage woods and stony caverns. / A lone wounded bull he limps lost and alone, / dodging living echoes…
The metaphor is represented by Apollo’s prophecies chasing a lone wounded bull who desperately tries to avoid them. “Apollo to the hunt will run the man to earth through savage woods and stony caverns” ex...

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