Metaphor In Shooting An Elephant

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George Orwell is a novel writer, born in India and have only spent five days there. Ida Mabel Limouzin, his mother, brought him and his sister too England while his father stayed in India. The novel Shooting an Elephant, that George wrote, took place in the bottom of Burma in the middle of Moulmein. The story is about George Orwell hesitating to kill an Elephant that has killed a man. All George planned to do was to test the elephant to see if it really meant any harm. George feels pressured by the crowd following him because they expect him to kill the elephant. He eventually made the decision to kill the elephant to make the mad crowd happy and plus he doesn’t want to fail at doing his job. Throughout the story George Orwell exert many Metaphor…show more content…
Sahib meaning is sir or master, and is used among the natives when they were speaking to the Europeans. Burma location is south of the states of Mizoram, Manipur, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh in Northeast India. Therefore, the setting of this story took place in India. George feels like a posing dummy because he describes in the story that his freedom is destroyed and has to listen to the crowd. He does not want to do anything to harm with innocent looking elephant but he knows he has to kill it. He has to kill the poor animal because it is his job and does not want to do anything to get a bad title for not killing it. In the story George explains, “He wears a mask, and his face grows to fit it.” George says this because in his own country he has to deal with people telling him what to do. A mask is an object that people use to hide their face. George wears a mask to hide his own facial expressions and uses a different facial expression to show bravery. He shows bravery so the crowd that followed him will not laugh at him if he were to cry after shooting the elephant. So he gathers all of his esteem and takes it out on the innocent elephant. It is sad that George has to act like a total different person at work than at
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