Metaethics: Ethics And Ethics

The study of Metaethics has always been the favorite topic of philosophers since the beginning of written philosophy. To this day, many renowned philosophers like Plato and Socrates were faced with the task of understanding what moral concepts are, and where they originate from. One of the oldest philosophical dilemmas is the Euthyphro dilemma which asks the questions “Do the gods love one thing because it is good or it is good because the gods love it” This type of dilemma continues to be subject of many ethical discussions. The study of Metaethics shed light on why people should believe moral truth, and if they do how do they interpret moral truth in their life. Furthermore, Metaethics deals with a “systematic and theoretical understanding of moral terminology, discourse,…show more content…
According to his theory, his morality is right. If we do not have a reference point for good, then it means we can’t compare and contrast our moral facts. An individual person’s reference point cannot be used as a source objective moral fact, because it is not going to work for the greater number of people. In this case, individual relativism claims about the source of objective moral fact it 's not true.
Others like a cultural relativist claim society determines moral facts. Relativism indicates that moral facts differ from one culture to another. Some societies might consider harmful practices such as slavery and female circumcision are permissible under certain conditions. For a cultural relativist society, there is no objective moral standards separate form what the culture approves. There is no moral truth that is true for all people. For this reason, we cannot claim that some moral values of a society are objectively right or wrong. It would make sense to judge interims of a specific
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