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Explanation of how the nursing conceptual model incorporates the four metaparadigm concepts A metaparadigm is commonly described as a set of concepts and propositions that set forth a general statement of a discipline. The central focus of the profession of nursing is developed around the idea of providing different dimensions of care to individuals in need by use of science and the promotion of health. As follows, nurses must always take a holistic approach towards the care of their clients and to maintain the same approach among all clients; the meta-paradigm of nursing was developed. The metaparadigm of nursing was first developed by Florence Nightingale and has since been adopted by all nursing professionals. This is a general concept…show more content…
Individuals cannot be thought of exclusively without the consideration of their families and communities that surround them. A nurse’s care must extend beyond the patient and must involve the patient's entire support network. The nurse must be mindful of the person’s subjective experiences about wellness, beliefs, values and personal preferences and should involve the person in decisions affecting his or her treatment and recovery. This greatly influences the way nurses approach people throughout their giving of care. When these factors are not considered by nurses this results in going against everything that defines the person and is an example of a nurse who does not adhere to the framework of the metaparadigm of nursing. The second paradigm is environment. It can be thought in different ways; Physical, chemical, biological, and social contexts within which human being exist; environmental component include environmental factors, environmental elements, environmental conditions, and developmental environment. This can be achieved by providing medical practices such as assessing, diagnosing, implementing and evaluating. However, the overreaching goal of nursing is to provide the person with the support they need and to build on the strengths and natural abilities of the individuals while involving their families…show more content…
The art of Nursing practice, actualized through therapeutic nursing interventions, is the creative use of this knowledge in human care. Nurses use critical thinking and clinical judgment to provide evidence based care to individuals, families, aggregates, and communities to achieve an optimal level of client wellness in diverse nursing settings. Clinical judgement skills are therefore essential for professional nursing practice. As a nurse, you must increase your integral awareness, comprehension and professional capacity to fully understand the mysteries of healing that is specific to every person. We believed that medical professionals were solely responsible for the well-being of individuals but having looked at these concepts we were able to see how involving the individual, analyzing their surroundings, understanding their view of their health will give me as the nurse a better understanding of the kind of care that is best suitable for that individual cultural and social conditions which are associated with the person's

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