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Description 1: The Radish Dining & Catering in Johnston, IA provides you with dining and event catering services.

Description 2: The Radish Dining & Catering specializes in affordable dining options such as pizza in Johnston, IA.

Description 3: The Radish Dining & Catering offers delicious food with fresh high quality ingredients in Johnston, IA.


Meta Description: Call The Radish Dining & Catering for catering options that you can count on.

At The Radish Dining & Catering, we provide you with the best dining and catering services in the city of Johnston, IA. We offer our restaurant and catering service seven days a week and can provide your event with lunch or dinner items of your choice. All of our staff members have been serving delicious food for many years and know how to take care of hungry guests
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Whether you want to dine in or take out our pizza or want to hire us to provide food for an upcoming graduation party, we can do it for you in a timely manner. Our chefs have been highly trained over the years and know how to make you fantastic tasting food that you will want to savor and order again in the future. No catering event is too big or too small for us to serve and we take excitement in every one.

The prices we set for both our restaurant menu and catering service are some of the most affordable you will find in the industry. You will never see us overcharge for anything because we believe in maintaining loyal clients and one way to do that is to set prices most of them can afford. We often offer specials on our menu that help you to save even more money and are constantly asking for feedback from guests so we can continue providing you with the kind of food and service you want.

Bring your appetite to The Radish Dining & Catering in Johnston, IA for freshly made fantastic food options. We offer a comfortable
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