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Are you a vegetarian, an omnivore, or a carnivore? Each year the world is becoming more extreme in everything including people’s eating preferences like going vegetarian or eliminating vegetables and going carnivore. These observations raise concerns; concerns organizations like People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals feel very strongly about. PETA’s main focus of the “go vegetarian” campaign is the cruelty in which animals are slaughtered and the large amounts of these slaughters (“Why Does”). They also believe that going vegetarian will help people lose spare weight, a big problem in today’s society amongst both genders because “vegetarians are 20 to 30 percent leaner” (“Lose”). Although the weight issue is continuously becoming popularly targeted amongst both genders, women have always been the center of the scrutiny for which bodies are imagined to look like. With that being said, women are more prone to being targeted since there are already ideals established to what good looking women should appear to be as.

While PETA is fighting for a good cause they may be doing so in incorrect ways. Most of their ads for the “go vegetarian campaign” are visually offensive. Having an overweight woman at a beach with the words next to her to “save the whales [,] lose the blubber: go vegetarian” insults those who eat meat by calling them overweight but in a derogatory manner considering they go to the extreme and call them whales, one of the animal for which PETA is fighting for (“Lose”). This sense of ill-fated humor may be still effective in that one could take a big offense to their weight and actually go vegetarian to stop being ashamed of what they believe people interpret them as.

Many across the United States spoke out ag...

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...on weight related issues, or it may be that I simply do not appreciate a vegetarian organization assuming they are leaner or healthier than those that are not vegetarian especially when the a balance diet includes meat, according to the food pyramid.

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