Mesopotamia And Egyptian Civilizations: One Of The Most Hierarchic Civilizations

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The Nile river valley was one of the most flourishing regions in Africa. From it emerged the prominent kingdom of Egypt, which went on to be one of the most dynamic civilizations in that region. Mainly because of its hierarchal social class system and its unsteady government. Roughly a thousand kilometers to the Northeast of the Nile river valley lies the Mesopotamia region. In this region civilizations like the Sumerians prospered and enjoyed the knowledge and natural riches that came from the Fertile Crescent. These two civilizations had their similarities and differences in political and social structures, but for the most part they were considerably alike. Each regions civilization had many differences and similarities in their political…show more content…
Egypt’s social class what slightly different than the Mesopotamian’s social class. Since the pharaoh was perceived as a God and king he was given control over the whole kingdom which led to him being the held as the highest in the social class. The Egyptian religion was so sacred to its people that under the pharaoh were the high priest and priestesses who were over the sacrificial offerings done to the Gods. The Egyptian religion had so many gods that only the major Gods had a cult of priest set aside just for their worship, which was heavily relied upon because of the much needed from the Gods in battle and in the success of the kingdom. Under the high priest and priestess were the nobles who fought the pharaohs war, the nobles were somewhat of the pharaohs war council. In some cases they would fight in the wars that Egypt had with other countries and in some cases they would provide military strategies for the pharaoh to execute at his will. They were so highly regarded because Egypt was a splendid civilization who have to be ready for war at any time with anyone, so these men were chosen carefully. Often times they would go through brutal trials to get selected as nobles, this could be understood because of the need for a great army. During the time of the old kingdom the merchants, scribes and artisans were considered reasonably low on the Egyptian social class, primarily because the civilization just emerged and Egypt had…show more content…
They Nile and Mesopotamia region had a very similar social structure, from the most held high class all the way down to the peasant farmer and slaves these regions were almost identical in how their social classes were setup. The main difference these two regions had were in their political societies, they success or failure of the main civilization in the Nile River Valley depended on the Pharaoh’s choices and decisions, while the success of the main civilization in the Mesopotamia’s region depended on the choice of several rulers who controlled the city-states. Maybe the centralized government was a better form of government than the city-state because the Egyptians were extremely more successful than the

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