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The True Power of the Mesoamericans Early Mesoamerica was booming just like the Mediterranean cities of the time in similar ways even though they never had contact with one another amazingly they somehow shared a lot of similarity but, due to the fact that they were isolated some of their practices were unique to only that part of the world. The domestication of crops like potato’s, maize and chili peppers and animals likes alpaca and llamas in Mesoamerica help establish its first cities which became the main hubs for all types of trading. The Mesoamerica’s managed to get to this point without any outside influence and because of that they never developed an alphabet or character based writing system they used the Khipu (to keep track of …show more content…

In 5000 B.C.E Agriculture emerged in Mesoamerica and it was a key part of the establishment of cities, but it was also what sustained these cities over time. Unlike Mediterranean agriculture the landscape and altitude in Mesoamerica were not ideal for farmers, but that didn’t stop them from establishing an agriculture system that could have rivaled any other during that time period. The Olmecs were the oldest and most important part of early Mesoamerica, they helped to establish common religious beliefs and a strong trade network these practices spread and were later developed and reused by some of Mesoamerica’s most powerful societies. The Incas, Mayas and Aztecs were all influenced by the Olmec principles which played a major role in the establishment of these three high quality societies and their individual success. The Incas were the most successful of the three empires in that they were the largest reaching a population of 16 million people but, they also lasted the longest in spite of their many troubles. The Mayas weren’t far behind, they had upwards of 14 million inhabitants and they also developed the most complex writing system in the Americas …show more content…

with each of these locations came a large amount of high quality limestone, which was used for building strong liberate structures, but the natural limestone also provide deep natural wells or Centos which help to bring water to areas where it was scarce and help the staple crop Maize develop into one of the most utilized crops of all time people all over the world eat corn to this day. The Mayan market another key to Mesoamerican success the selling and trade of jade, obsidian, beads, lengths of cloth and cacao beans helped simulate the local economy and the use of a single widespread language made their trade even more successful never having to deal with language barriers was just another reason why the Mayan and other Mesoamerican cultures became strong enough to rival vast Roman Empire. Unfortunately, due to the Spanish invasion all of the Mayan religious books were destroyed because the Spanish religious leaders saw their writing as evil what little that is known today of their religion is because a handful of books that managed to survive the censorship of the

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  • Explains that early mesoamerica was booming just like the mediterranean cities of the time in similar ways. the olmecs helped establish common religious beliefs and a strong trade network
  • Explains that the aztecs, incas and mayans were influenced by the olmec principles which played a major role in the establishment of these three high quality societies.
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