Merlot and Murder

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I knew that it was going to happen to me. I didn't know how or when. I just knew it was going to happen. When I walked into that dreaded mansion, I knew my enemies would want to give me a punishment worse than death. I didn't know what it was,unfortunately. After I opened the oaken doors, I quietly strolled into the banquet hall. Upon seeing my presence, the leader spread his arms out and welcomed me as if we were old friends. It was obvious he was concocting a way to kill me. His teeth never ceased to show when he looked at me. Apparently, he was in an elated mood. I sat down, staring into the ice blue eyes of my murderer. His servant poured a bottle of the richest wine. The wine glass had a oil-like substance hovering over the top of the fermented grape juice. The leader ushered in the servant, whose platter contained six wine glass filled to the halfway mark. I distinguished that one was filled with a toxin, no doubt. However, I maintained my composure, keeping my enemy under the impression that I was uninformed. After the glasses were bestowed, the leader raised his glass, declaring, “To our newly-born friendship!” Those among his company raised their glasses to the same cause. I, with no intent of appearing scornful, rose my glass as well. The party partook of the wine, myself included. As soon as I imbibed the first few drops, my stomach started to cause me great pain, giving me cause to double over. The leader rose from his seat to see my feeble state with a satisfied look upon his profile. I asked, “Do you happen to have a bathroom nearby?” The leader guffawed, then grabbed a steak knife, appearing to be about eleven inches. I rolled to my right side, but my assailant walked over to where I previously lay. He dropped the ... ... middle of paper ... ...grab my clothing, so I stuffed my wallet, my phone, and a set of fresh clothes into a duffel bag. I heard a set of footsteps advancing toward my door. I looked in alternative directions for a means of escape. Miraculously, I saw a fire escape sitting outside my window. Behind me, I heard a knock on the door. I knew I had to think fast, so I rushed the window open, climbing out rapidly. I heard the door burst open with a tremendous amount of force. Soon, I reached the roof of my building. Taking a quick time to breathe, which was just enough time for the police to rush toward my location, I rushed to the edge of my domicile, only to look down seventy feet at an alley, ending with nothing but pavement and a dumpster bin. With despair, I will always play back this scene and with the sound of guns shooting towards my direction. Desperately, I jumped off of the apartment.

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