Mere Christianity In Mere Christianity By C. S. Lewis

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Answering the big questions of life isn 't easy. It requires much time and effort to properly explain the concepts of how we came to be and for what purpose we exist. In Mere Christianity, C. S. Lewis expertly does just that, detailing the intricate Christian beliefs, as well as many other faiths. He talks about the ideas free will, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the Christian faith compared to other religions, to name a few. And, these concepts are always ready to be further expounded on. So, one question that many people ask is," If God doesn 't want us to sin, then why does he give us the choice?" In other words, why did God give us free will? The answer is very obvious. But, first, you must come to realize some facts. Now, according to Christian doctrine, God existed before the universe began, and will continue to exist even after the last star inevitably explodes. So, there was a period of time where it was…show more content…
By Christian standards, it was the moment when we were forgiven of our sins and the gap between God and us was closed. But, how did it work? Like, through what process did His death achieve this feat? Well, to answer this, you must keep in mind that God is all powerful. He can do anything he wants and he doesn 't have to conform to the laws of nature and physics, as we understand them. So, whether Christ 's death served as a literal mechanism in our forgiveness or it was just a symbol that represented what God was doing is beyond us. All we can say for certain that through His life, we brought to God in Christ. And, of course, when we say we are “in Christ” we do not mean that are physically in Him. It means several things. We mean that our spirit resides in His protection and control. To be "in Christ" means we 've accepted His sacrifice for our sin. We recognize that, without Him, there would be no way to God and that we are all doomed to eternal
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