Mercedes Benz Commercial Analysis

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The Mercedes Benz is a German company that has been around since 1901 manufacturing high class automobiles. Karl Benz is the man behind the name of the company, and a man named Daimler Motoren is the creator of the company logo. Mercedes Benz automobiles can be family cars, sports cars, luxury cars, race cars, etc. But this company will always be known for their luxurious crafting of vehicles. These cars are usually only affordable to people that are somewhat affluent. The average pricing for a Mercedes Benz automobile starts out at about $35,000 and goes up to prices that can be hundreds of thousands of dollars, all depending on what style and class of that car that is chosen. When advertising these vehicles, the company tries to keep a…show more content…
The manufacturing of this style of car stared back in 1993. At first it was a small executive car, now it has branched out into more than just one style that consist of coupes, sedans, and sports-like cars. One of the commercials used to advertise the 2017 Mercedes Benz C-class is called "C Yourself" In this commercial it is asking the audience to visualize themselves in a Mercedes Benz C-Class. At the beginning and throughout the commercial the actor is visualizing himself driving the Benz that is not his. This represents the name and the concept of the commercial, which is, can you see yourself in a Mercedes Benz C-Class? Another part of the commercial that represents the name and the concept is at the end when it says there is a C-class Just for you, decisions, decisions, decisions.", and it shows three C-class Mercedes lined up side by side, each of a different style and color. There are not many actors in this commercial, which helps convey the idea of simplicity that goes along with the design of the car. The soundtrack to this commercial is an upbeat song that aids to enhance the performance of the car. There is also a little commentary that is added on top of the music that allows the narrator to annotate about the features of the car. The setting of the "C Yourself" commercials is based outdoors, and throughout the video it looks as if there is a race between the three…show more content…
For each of the commercials that were analyzed, the car was being test driven. If it was not a scene, then it was throughout the whole entire commercial. The company does this as one of the ways to broadcast the features of the car. The way that the company advertise their vehicles appeals to the audience's knowledge of the company, only because the commentary that they place in the commercials hold their perspective on the performance of their own cars. Another thing that is alike in each of the commercials that was analyzed was the company's slogan that was placed at the end of each commercial to bring it to a close. The company tends to use persuasive techniques in their commercials, like word comparisons and a lot of descriptive language that aids to enhance the beauty of the car that they are advertising. For example, in each of the commercials that were analyzed there were words and phrases used like intelligent, leader, future, the best, supreme, advanced, legendary, daring, irresistible, etc. The use of these words grabs the audience's attention so that they are not just watching what the car can do but they are able to listen to the details used to describe this luxury vehicle. Theses commercials are daring and hold a bold quality that acts as trademark for the Mercedes Benz company. These commercials also try to make an effort to make the audience feels as if they are
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