Mental Illness and Environment

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Introduction The number of people suffering from mental illness has been on the rise in the recent times. It is vital to acknowledge that there are differences as to the levels of mental illness in different individuals. However, research shows that more often than not, mental illness results from a specific relationship between an individual and the environment. The psychological stress comes about as an individual perceives the environment as exceeding the available resources, which in return, can endanger his or her well being. Studies have shown that over forty million people in United States are suffering from psychiatric impairments. Out of the forty million, about five million adults suffer from severe psychiatric disability. (Psychiatric Rehabilitation) This is described as persistent emotional or mental disorder that interferes significantly with an individual’s capability to undertake the primary aspects pertaining to daily life such as household management, school, work, interpersonal relationship and self care. In essence, these psychiatric diagnoses can and may include affective disorders, anxiety disorders and schizophrenia. Assessing the needs pertaining to psychiatric impairment is crucial in planning, developing as well as evaluating mental health services, providing the requirements of the mental health services, the persons with mental illnesses and enabling them to achieve restore and maintain an optimal or acceptable level of quality of life or social independence. This underlines the importance of assessing the needs as far as provision of proper care to individuals with psychiatric impairment is concerned. (Carling) This paper aims at finding out how individuals with psychiatric impairment get men... ... middle of paper ... rather than carving knives of questions on it. The interviewee on her part was apprehensive that this interview was more of an investigation, which may lead to problems later. However, after assuring her that all the information was confidential and giving her the freedom to answer only questions that she felt comfortable with, the fears were allayed. Conclusion It is apparent that cases of mental illness are higher than previously thought. This is especially having in mind that quite a large number of cases go unreported. (Gerhart) While individuals could access mental health care services on their own accord, there are state-funded programs aimed at remedying the problem. However, more awareness needs to be raised as to the importance of seeking psychiatric help as soon as possible as well as supporting the individuals in order to ensure full recovery.

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