Mental Illness Vs Sickness Of The Body Essay

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A Sickness of the Mind vs a Sickness of the Body Would You Rather? is a popular game among children, teenagers, and even adults. The game simply gives players two choices and asks them which they would rather. However, what would a player choice if they picked up a car and it read, “Would You Rather… have a mental illness or a physical illness?” You could easily say that mental diseases are worse and name all of the aspects that are terrifying about them; however, you could also say that physical illnesses are worse and list the gory realities of it as well. But what about them both, side by side, with all of their painful characteristics and facts. Mental and physical diseases are no worse than one another because they both disarray daily lives and activities, both…show more content…
Mental diseases affect a person’s motivation and will. Illnesses of the mind can make activities that were once fun and enjoyable the complete opposite. Most people diagnosed with mental disorders become more anxious when doing certain things, have completely lost interest in what used to be preferred, become too paranoid to relax, etc. Interests and priorities seemingly change. This also brings conflict into daily routines and sets off a chain reaction in one’s life. Their normal routines are then replaced with ones that involve medications and the constant reminder of dosages, times, amounts, side effects, etc. When someone’s routines are affected, this can wreak havoc on more than just the victim of the disease. Friends, family members, jobs, and even pets have to adapt. More than that, this chain reaction can possibly trigger someone during

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