Mental Health In Australia

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Mental health Mental health incorporates our psychological, emotional and social well being. It affects many things such as the way we act, feel or think. Our mental health determines how we cope with stress, relate to others and the choices we chose to make. Mental health disorders are the most dominant cause of disability among many young Australians between the age of 15-24 years. Anxiety and depression affects 50% of Australian males and 32% of females. Young people with mental illness struggle to focus in school and end up being either jobless or are very physically unhealthy. People develop mental illness for various reasons but some reasons include individual attributes, school context, social factors, life events and situations and …show more content…

This campaign provides structure, support and guidance while also enabling each school to create their own mental health strategies to fit their own unique circumstances. Mind matters provides school staff with basic professional learning, this includes: face to face events, online resources, webinars and support. All content is based on school mental health and wellbeing. Mental health is a very comprehensive resource which has mental health benefits and assistance for the entire school community including students, staff, and families. Mind matters believes the best strategy for mental health is the one that stops the problem from arising in the first place. For this reason Mind matters helps promote positive health for younger people and aim to work throughout the whole school community to make sure mental health difficulties do not develop at an early age and help prevent this issue in their futures. All these factors fit into the ottawa charter which includes building a healthy public policy, creating a supportive environment, reorienting health services, developing personal skills and developing a strengthening …show more content…

It is held annually on the 10th of october to raise awareness world wide. This year in Australia World mental health day has three main ambitions which are to encourage help seeking behaviour, reduce the stigma associated with mental health issues and to foster connectivity throughout communities. This campaign needs everyone to take personal ownership of their own wellbeing and mental health. Anyone can take part in this campaign as long as you are willing to improve your health. Mental health Australia is run by Mental health Australia. Mental health begins with me requires you to make a promise which you will keep and value, you then submit the promise you made to sustain a better mental health you are then required to share it with all your friends and family so that you raise awareness to this

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  • Describes the 5 action areas in the ottawa charter, which include building a healthy public policy, creating supportive environments, reorienting health services, developing personal skills and strengthening community.
  • Describes mind matters as a free and easy campaign to sign up to as it is funded by the government and available to everyone in australia.
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