Mental Health And Mental Illnesses

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The subject of mental health generally indicates the psychological and emotional well-being of a person. When the subject of metal health is brought up, it is tended to be looked over. There is a great difference between mental health and mental disorders/illnesses. Many people mistaken the two perspectives of mentality and misuse illness and health. Beginning with mental health, it is something that everyone has. Everyone has a physical health status which goes the same for everyone having a mental health status. The World Health Organization famously says, "There is no health without mental health." (CITATION) Just as we struggle with physical health, experiencing mental challenges and struggling to maintain a good and healthy way of thinking…show more content…
It does not mean that it is easy. In fact, it is one of the hardest to be treated because diagnoses are based on behavioral observations rather than physical observations such as x-rays, MRIs or just simply first aid. Mental treatments are able to help individuals to recover well or fully recover from the illness they could possibly have; however, difficulty arises due to the fact that there are so many factors contributing to the development of any specific illness. (CITATION) There are many possible treatments for a mental illness such as psychological therapy, medication, and community support programs. (CITATION) In psychological therapy, symptoms and concerns are discussed to figure out ways of managing the illness. Medication is also a possible way to treat mental illnesses which in many instances, is taken over a long period of time. Medicinal treatment shows changes in brain chemistry and helps restore the normal chemical balances in the brain so symptoms can be reduced or eliminated. Lastly, community support groups are mainly important for people with illness that have frequent episodes. The community basically assists with training, educating, and psychosocial rehabilitation.…show more content…
(CITATION) (HOW....TECHNICAL RESEARCH) Society tends to not take notice of certain types of mental illnesses. For instance, (INSERT
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