Mental Health And Homelessness

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Literature Review As proven in academic articles, the homeless population is exponentially high worldwide. While there are many factors that may be contributing to this problem, one of the biggest may be mental health problems. Whether it is the cost of treating a mental health problem or the nature of the mental health disorder itself, it seems to lead to being low-income or homeless. While there are some studies out there that have studied this phenomenon, there is still a great need for information related to mental health causing homelessness. This idea has led to the formation of this research project, which is searching for a correlation between mental health and the homeless or low-income population in order to understand it better …show more content…

Jenkins, Baingana, Ahmad, McDaid, and Atun (2011) explained the social, economic, human rights, and political challenges to global mental health. They utilized available studies to explain the relationship between mental health, poverty, and debt, the need for more health economics research on cost-effective interventions, policy and practice, and the role of mental health services in primary care. In summary, they explained that mental disorders impose a significant economic burden in high, middle, and low-income countries causing poverty to be both a determinant and a consequence of poor mental health. Inequalities in mental health are pervasive and may explain the poverty phenomenon. Mental health care needs to be more accessible especially for the low-income population. Cost effective techniques need to be researched in order to make this happen but the current research suggests that policy development and revision globally, as well as, primary care-led mental health system are what is needed to improve the mental health sector. Ngui, Khasakhala, Ndetei, and Roberts (2010) also discussed available research on the inequalities in treatment for mental disorders. They thoroughly discussed the pervasive occurrence of mental disorders and …show more content…

This is extremely important to know in order to treat these problems the appropriate way. While some solutions were suggested for these problems further research needs to be completed before a best practice intervention can be attained. Given the alarmingly high number of homelessness with mental health conditions, this issue cannot be ignored. This study will help bring about more information on this topic in order to better understand in order to be able to investigate a

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  • Explains that the homeless population is exponentially high worldwide, and that there is still a great need for information related to mental health causing homelessness.
  • Explains that the first step in researching this topic was to gather general studies about the homeless population. they recruited 594 participants at homeless shelters, meal programs, selected rooming houses, drop-in centers, community health centers and single room occupancy hotels.
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