Mental Health

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Introduction Mental health in a huge risk for children who are born prematurely. Mental health is a person’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional. A child being born prematurely is a big risk of mental health. Children who are premature maybe caused by their mother or the baby itself. A baby is born premature when he or she is born before the 37th week of pregnancy compared to a normal pregnancy that lasts about 40 weeks. (Jenny Hope, 2012) Premature babies are at risk of brain development and can lead to long-term intellectual and developmental disabilities because they are not fully developed. Mental health has been a big problem for premature babies and is at a higher risk for other illness in the long-term. Mental…show more content…
Some health issues during pregnancy has been linked to a child’s future mental health. Children being born prematurely can get many symptoms, such as, depression, addiction, and anxiety. It can affect the baby’s brain and the way they think. It can also affect the baby’s lung because they are not fully developed, so it can cause a baby to have problems. Mental illness cannot be prevented but could be treated by medications, therapy, and hospitalization. There are so many risks of mental health issues for children being born premature and low birth weight (LBW). As a child being born premature they can experience toxic stress which can increase the likelihood of mental health…show more content…
Their weight also plays a big role in this too because it may cause a higher risk of complications. It is important to help save the children and there would be better ways for babies in the future. Save lives, cut the risk factor of children developing mental health. Also, to prevent health issues and help mothers and babies. People may think that losing one life is no big deal but saving one life can save many. It’s like saying, “Oh we’re going to save this child because they are born perfectly, on the same date they were predicted, and that they will be perfectly fine with no problems.” No one this world has no health problems, everyone has it because of an event or something they do, so why can’t we save someone who would do good for many people who saved their life of being born prematurely. Everyone is the top priority to save anyone at any cost and it would be a good deed, saving someone helps you feel better about yourself and that we can actually do something to help everyone. eEspecially with kids who has mental health because they are born prematurely. To understand information and facts about this, for a good cause and for those who has the same problem. We should care about the baby’s health and for the future premature babies. Learn about the procedures and further learning about severe mental
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