Mental Depression Problems

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INTRODUCTION Mental illnesses are a condition that affects thought, feeling or behavior of a person. They are a worldwide problem and considered to lead to an increase in global mortality [1]. Among these mental illnesses is depression, a mood disorder, which is characterized by feeling of anger, loss of happiness, or frustration [1, 2]. It is a common mental disorder affecting almost 5% of population [3]. It has an impact on both individual and society by impairing the quality of life and other causes sociological problems such as individual isolation [1]. Depression is dramatically becoming a global disorder due to many sociological and environmental changes making people more susceptible to suffer from depression [2]. It has been shown that 60% of persons who attempted suicide are depressive patients. Furthermore, another study shown that one third of cancer patients suffer from depression [4]. Depression affects 1-3% of American population [4]. It is estimated that its prevalence will continue to increase rapidly and in 2020 it is expected to be the second global burden disease [1]. According to world health organization (WHO), depression is the fourth leading cause for the people to be unable to do regular or daily activities and by this it overtaking chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes [2]. Moreover, it was found that it is important to treat depression quickly in patients with cancer because depression may decrease survival duration in cancer patients[9]. Antidepressant drugs which refer to any drug that is able to reverse or relive clinical depression [5], are considered as the first line and the most effective treatment for depression in all countries [6]. Antidepressant over last year’s undergone remar... ... middle of paper ... ... increase rapidly in Oman resulting in increasing in the prescribing of antidepressants drugs. The utilization pattern about the use of antidepressants is not documented in Oman Therefore this study might provide some database on the utilization of use of antidepressant drugs in Oman. Therefore, The general aim of this study is to describe the utilization pattern of antidepressant drugs at Sultan Qaboos university hospital (SQUH) in a period of between 1st of January2013 and 30th of April 2013. The specific objectives of this study are to: -determine the prevalence of antidepressants usage at SQUH. -determine the prevalence of use of different classes of antidepressants. -recognize the factors that determine the choice of drugs. -describe the relationship between the utilization of antidepressant drugs and various demographic, co-morbidities and clinical factors.
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